Chuck e Cheese Frame

Last Sunday, I took my son to Chuck E Cheese to attend a birthday party. They had a mechanical car/ride where you can sit next to Chuck E Cheese. At the end of the ride, the machine took a picture and printed it out for you. It was really a horrible picture. It looked like a security camera picture printed on receipt paper. But my son thought it was pretty neat. The next day, I was feeling the creative itch. But I didn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to any one project. So I decided that it would be easy to make a nice frame for that picture out of some colored cardstock. Plus, it would give me a great excuse to use my new Cricut cutting machine.

I used Sure Cuts A Lot software and used the included shapes to put this project together. It was a rounded rectangle for the frame, a simple rectangle for the picture window,  a swirl for the frame decoration, and some fonts on my computer for the lettering and shadow. This project honestly took about 45 minutes from design to finish. While this project isn’t necessarily an amazing expression of creativity, it goes to show you how easy it is to put something together with stock shapes and scrap paper. My son thought it was pretty neat and immediately posted it on his bulletin board. This project made a nice memento of his time with the giant rat. 😉

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