Side Table

sidetable1When I moved into my house, the previous owner left some scrap oak in the garage.  I held onto it for quite a while, not knowing what I was going to make.  Eventually, a project came up.  I needed a side table next to my sofa.

I wanted a simple table with shaker style legs.  I liked the cloud lift that’s popular in Greene & Green Furniture, so I’d mimic that in the aprons.  The table top would be solid wood with a 45 degree chamfer on the bottom to give it a visual lightness.

I had some folding TV trays that seemed to be just the right size.  So I took the dimensions from that.  I had enough wood to glue up the table top with enough left over for the aprons.  I went to the big box store and bought some 1×2 boards, which I glued up to create the table legs.  I tapered the legs at the table saw.

Unfortunately, the aprons aren’t wide enough to accommodate the cloud lift design, so I only did 1 level.  It looks nice, but certainly not reminiscent of Greene & Greene.  I used the scroll saw to cut those out and a spindle sander to finesse the curve.  I also used a round over bit on the aprons.  To attach everything, I used pocket screws.  To attach the top, I used figure 8 table top fasteners I ordered online.  I finished everything with a polycrylic.

It was a simple project, but I really liked how it turned out.

Leg GlueupSide Table LayoutSide Table AssembledSide Table

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