I Love You

I Love YouI saw something similar on Pinterest and had to make it.  Since I’m a Lego fan and both my wife and I are big Star Wars fans, I had to make this, too.  My anniversary was coming up, so it was a perfect excuse to go Lego shopping!  The minifigs came in different styles over the years.  The ones I wanted are not readily available, so I bought the Han and Leia minifigs from eBay.  I picked up 2 white chair pieces from Lego “Pick A Brick” service.  I figured these would make a great base to hold up the characters.  I simply hot glued the chair to a piece of white mat board.   I printed the famous Han/Leia quote onto cardstock: “I Love You.”  “I Know.”  I matted everything and put it into a shadowbox I picked up from Michael’s. This project that took a little pre-planning, but it was a simple project to assemble.  I think it turned out great and she absolutely loved it.  A perfect gift for my geeky gal…but, I’m not sure what it means that we’re both armed.

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