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I love all kinds of art; painting, sculpture, conceptual, modern and classical art. I take inspiration from different artists to make my own art. The art I create may not hang in a gallery, but it is my expression and creative outlet. Here, I share some of my own art, as well as showing you how to create your own art. I encourage you to explore your own creativity as you discover your own taste and style.

Detail Shot - Captain America

Captain America & Iron Man Lath Art

There’s a folk art that was especially popular in the New England states called “Lath Art.” Basically, these folk artists would take strips of lath from lath and plaster walls and make pictures out of them. They sometimes will also recycle old lobster traps for the same purpose. Typically, the pictures were rural or nautical […]

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Deadpool Scroll Saw Portrait

I started live streaming from my workshop on Twitch in their creative channel.  Twitch is a video game live streaming service where like-minded folks gather to chat and watch each other play games.  Not too long ago, they opened up a creative channel where Twitch members can show the stuff they make.  They do all […]

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Finished Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper Art

Here is a fun little project I did in honor of the new Star Wars movie.  I found this stencil on the internet and brought it into Inkscape.  I used the Trace Bitmap tool and saved the SVG.  I imported it into Easel and cut it out.  I did a shallow cut of 1/16″.  It […]

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100 Paper Clips

I’ve been short on time, lately, but I’ve been itching for a creative outlet.  I wanted a new project that I could do when I have a few moments of free time.  I wanted something more artsy than crafting.  While playing with my iPhone, I came up with an idea.  Armed with my iPhone and […]

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Learning Watercolor

After I graduated highschool, I went to college to earn a degree in Fine Art.  I was mostly interested in painting.  While I did well with my art classes, I had trouble focusing on the other classes and I ended up quiting school.  I eventually went back and got a degree in an unrelated field […]

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