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Fallout Bottle Openers

Here is a fun project.  A buddy of mine really likes the Fallout game.  So I thought I’d make a Fallout themed bottle opener with cap catcher.  I decided I’d do a Vault Boy image on the bottle opener and distress it so it looks like it made it through the apocalypse. I used a […]

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Finished Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper Art

Here is a fun little project I did in honor of the new Star Wars movie.  I found this stencil on the internet and brought it into Inkscape.  I used the Trace Bitmap tool and saved the SVG.  I imported it into Easel and cut it out.  I did a shallow cut of 1/16″.  It […]

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XCarve CNC Assembly

I’ve been wanting a CNC Router ever since the CarveWright came out a number of years ago from Craftsman. I was really excited about the possibilities it would add to my workshop. Unfortunately, the CarveWright had awful reviews. So I bided my time until another consumer-grade CNC hit the market. The XCarve from Inventables came […]

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