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Bottle Cutting

Testing Ephrem’s Original Bottle Cutter Kit

I wanted to get into bottle cutting.  I have a few ideas of some cool projects.  I tried making my own jig, but had poor results.  I decided it would be better to buy a cutting jig that produced great results every time.  I looked online and found Ephrem’s Original Bottle Cutter Kit.  The kit […]

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I Love You

I Love You

I saw something similar on Pinterest and had to make it.  Since I’m a Lego fan and both my wife and I are big Star Wars fans, I had to make this, too.  My anniversary was coming up, so it was a perfect excuse to go Lego shopping!  The minifigs came in different styles over the years. […]

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Plastic Canvas Nintendo Controllers

Nintendo Game Controllers In Plastic Canvas

I was digging through some of my craft supplies and came across these Nintendo Game Controllers that I made last winter.  This is entirely made of plastic canvas and cheap yarn.  This was a fun project that kept me occupied for several nights.  I needed a project that I could do in the living room while my son watched […]

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Road Tiles

As I’m sure you know in previous posts, my son loves playing with cars. He loves lining them up and “obeying the rules of the road.”  He likes drawing and making roads for his cars to drive on.  I’ve always wanted to create a road system where he can create an infinite number of road configurations. I imagined […]

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Building Roads

This isn’t much of a craft or art project, but the imagination is stimulated and countless possibilities raise to the surface. My son LOVES to play cars. One of his favorite things to do is make roads for his cars to drive on. He loves to pretend at following the rules of the road and […]

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Easter Lamb

I came across this cardboard tube lamb tutorial on Crafts By Amanda.  I thought it was really cute (that’s right…I said it…cute).  I figured this would be great project for my son and I to do, especially with Easter coming up.  Be sure to check out her tutorial.  She has included a video tutorial as […]

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