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I really enjoy sharing information with others. The best way I have found doing that is making videos. I strive to make my videos informative, inspiring and fun to watch. Hopefully by seeing the way I approach something, it may spark an idea on how you want to approach your own project. Be sure to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss the latest video.

Finished Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper Art

Here is a fun little project I did in honor of the new Star Wars movie.  I found this stencil on the internet and brought it into Inkscape.  I used the Trace Bitmap tool and saved the SVG.  I imported it into Easel and cut it out.  I did a shallow cut of 1/16″.  It […]

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XCarve CNC Assembly

I’ve been wanting a CNC Router ever since the CarveWright came out a number of years ago from Craftsman. I was really excited about the possibilities it would add to my workshop. Unfortunately, the CarveWright had awful reviews. So I bided my time until another consumer-grade CNC hit the market. The XCarve from Inventables came […]

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Bandsaw Unboxed

New Band Saw – Unboxing

The first large tool I ever purchased was a 10” Craftsman band saw.  I really wanted to do some band saw boxes and scroll work.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research before purchasing the band saw.  It turns out, the band saw had a proprietary blade and only offered 2 styles of blade.  So the […]

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Coat Racks

Making A Coat Rack

I don’t have a good place to put my coat when I get home from a long day’s work.  So it usually ends up on the floor, or the back of a kitchen chair.  In this video, I make a wall mounted coat rack at my entryway.  I made 2 racks, one high and one […]

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Bottle Cutting

Testing Ephrem’s Original Bottle Cutter Kit

I wanted to get into bottle cutting.  I have a few ideas of some cool projects.  I tried making my own jig, but had poor results.  I decided it would be better to buy a cutting jig that produced great results every time.  I looked online and found Ephrem’s Original Bottle Cutter Kit.  The kit […]

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Wixey Planer Readout

Installing A Wixey Digtial Planer Readout

I recently got the DeWalt 735 thickness planer.  One of the accessories I wanted with it was a digital readout.  I ended up getting the Wixey WR510 based on the excellent reviews and easy compatibility with my new planer.  In this episode, I’ll show you how to install your Wixey digital gauge to your DeWalt […]

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