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Let’s Play Ball

Me: …
Dog: Look at me! I got a ball right here!
Me: …
Dog: Watch! I can toss it in the air and catch it!
Me: …
Dog: Did you see that!? Doesn’t it look like fun!?
Me: …
Dog: OMG, take a hint! Let’s play ball!
Me: Hey, pups. Do you need to go outside?
Dog: /sigh
Me: Where are you going?
Dog: I’m going to find your shoe and poop in it.

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Building Roads

This isn’t much of a craft or art project, but the imagination is stimulated and countless possibilities raise to the surface.

My son LOVES to play cars. One of his favorite things to do is make roads for his cars to drive on. He loves to pretend at following the rules of the road and park his huge collection of Hot Wheels in parking lots in front of his play buildings. We make all kinds of roads, from sidewalk chalk on the patio to drawings on poster board. But our favorite method is simply popsicle sticks laid out end-to-end. They’re cheap, cleanup is a snap, and the roads have endless possibilities. If you have a child who loves to play cars or any other kind of imaginative play, try something as simple as Popsicle sticks. Then stand back and see what they come up with. You’d be amazed.

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