Cheap Bastard Pale Ale

After brewing my Honey Steam, I was really craving a good ol’ American Pale Ale. I looked at several recipes, but finally settled on Liberty Pale Ale from How To Brew. From reading the forums, it sounded like it was a well liked recipe. So I went ahead and photocopied the recipe and headed to my local homebrew shop. Usually, my homebrew supplier is at the ready to swap out ingredients. But after looking over the recipe, he grabbed my stuff without any changes. I must be on the right track. I can’t wait to try it out!

I named this beer Cheap Bastard because I was a bit short on money. The ingredients only cost me $26.50. This breaks down to about 53¢ per bottle. Who said good beer has to be expensive?

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Cheap Bastard Pale Ale
10-A American Pale Ale
Type: Extract w/ Steeping Grains
Batch: 3
Size: 5.0 gal
Calories: 158.86 kcal per 12.0 fl oz

Original Gravity: 1.048 (1.045 – 1.060)

Terminal Gravity: 1.012 (1.010 – 1.015)

Color: 8.93 (5.0 – 14.0)

Alcohol: 4.7% (4.5% – 6.2%)

Bitterness: 37.9 (30.0 – 45.0)


  • 3.25 lb CBW® Pilsen Light Liquid (Malt Extract)
  • .5 lb Crystal Malt 60°L
  • 3.25 lb CBW® Pilsen Light Liquid (Malt Extract)
  • .5 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) – added during boil, boiled 60 min
  • .5 oz Cascade (7.3%) – added during boil, boiled 30 min
  • 1 oz Cascade (7.3%) – added during boil, boiled 15 min
  • .5 oz Cascade (7.3%) – added dry to primary fermenter
  • 1.0 ea WYeast 1056 American Ale
  • 1 ea Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss) – added during boil, boiled 15 min


Steeped the Crystal at 150 degrees in 2 gallons of water for 30 minutes, then pulled the bag. Added 3.25 lbs LME and brought to boil. Followed hop schedule. Add whirlfloc at 15 minutes. At knockout, add 3.25 LME and sit for 10 min.. Cooled wort and topped to 5 gallons. Pitched yeast.

Fermented in single vessel for 27 days at 68°.

Primed with 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottled on 12/24/2010.


  • Recipe based on Liberty Pale Ale from How To Brew.
  • 1/1/11 – Cracked the first bottle after only 7 days conditioning. Oh, wow. That is a tasty beer. Can’t wait to see how it ages.
  • 2/5/2011 – Beer has a pretty harsh bitter at first. Maybe a bit more than I’d like. But after the first beer, you really get into it. I’d like to bump up the aroma and flavor hops, though. The body is quite nice.
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